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Jet StressJet Stress (60 tabs)

Brand: Biotec Foods
Size: 60 tabs
SKU #: BC0015 - UPC Code: 7.42E+11

Retail Price: $7.95
Our Price: $3.98   
Product Details:
Jet Stress 60 tabs by Biotec Foods.

Jet Stress™ maintains cellular energy and vitality by flushing free radicals from the system. This defense against the physical insults of jet travel enables optimum enjoyment of the travel experience. By nourishing your cells with the special antioxidant enzyme nutrition found in Jet Stress™ with IsoSproutPlex™ you will take a big step toward maintaining cell vitality and energy while traveling.

In a recent survey of 784 jet travelers, a whopping 94% reported suffering from jet lag! Symptoms of fatigue, sleep disturbance, slowed reflexes, irritability and upset digestion result from biological clock disturbances and from the environmental hazards listed Below.

Fortunately, our cells are equipped with protective mechanisms to reset our body clock and to ward off the excess free radicals generated by radiation and other environmental hazards. The ability to do this depends on maintaining optimum cellular health.

Suggested Use:
Pre-Flight: Take 4 tablets upon arising. TAKE WITH WATER ON AN EMPTY STOMACH AT LEAST ONE HALF HOUR BEFORE BREAKFAST. If possible, do this for three days prior to departure. Water is important; drink at least 8 glasses per day.

During and After Flight: Take 2 tablets for each hour of flight time. Again on an empty stomach.

Since our product is a whole food and works nutritionally, we recommend a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low in fats and sugar. Other factors that can affect your body's condition are daily mental and emotional poise, fresh water and air, adequate sleep and regular exercise.

These tablets are whole foods made from enzyme rich sprouts. Our products work nutritionally and are not stimulants. Any results are nutritional and in no way mean to imply that you should not see a doctor.

Extra Information:
Each cell produces defenders against 'Free Radicals' called antioxidant enzymes. This natural antioxidant enzyme production can be enhanced with the right nutritional elements.

Designed especially for jet travelers, Jet Stress™ contains IsoSproutPlex™ , a highly concentrated blend of 'Live' whole food sprouts. Certain plants in their earliest stages of life, such as sprouts, have the amazing ability to produce large amounts of protective antioxidant enzymes, coenzymes, enzymogen and other important cofactors. Double blind studies have shown the ability of IsoSproutPlex™ to enhance the body's production of the antioxidant enzymes Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and its cofactor Catalase (CAT) along with Glutathione Peroxidase (GP) and Methionine Reductase. These antioxidant enzymes are needed to remove free radicals and maintain cell vitality on long flights.

Above the protective blanket of the earth's atmosphere, we are exposed to much higher levels of X-rays, cosmic rays, gamma rays and ultraviolet rays than we are down on the earth's surface. This increased radiation creates unstable molecules called free radicals which can damage every cell in the body.

According to Diana Fairchild, a leading airline industry consultant and author of the top selling book "Jet Smart," a one-way New York to London flight exposes passengers to about the same amount of radiation as a chest X-ray! As a matter of fact, airline crews (pilots and flight attendants) are said receive higher radiation doses per year than nuclear power plant workers.

Tragically, a recent study in Finland found that: *Flight attendants are two times more likely to contract breast cancer than women who do not fly regularly. Flight attendants suffer a significant increased incidence of bone cancer. The 1995 Finnish study speculates that in-flight radiation may be the cause of the breast and bone cancers among flight attendants. Most in-flight radiation originates from the Sun. Unlike space capsules, commercial jets are not shielded from unseen radiation due to weight restrictions.

In her top selling book, Ms. Fairchild recommends 'JET STRESS' to help counter the effects of these unseen dangers. By nourishing your cells with the special antioxidant enzyme nutrition in 'Jet Stress', you will take a big step at maintaining better cell vitality and energy while traveling.

At sea level we depend on the ozone layer to protect us from UV rays. In a jet, however, we fly through the ozone layer and breathe higher levels of ozone than normal. Ozone also creates free radicals in our cells.

Cabin air is heated, compressed and cooled, a process that causes the air to be very dry and loaded with positive ions. Both factors adversely affect cell functions.

All physiological processes are timed to an inner biological clock that follows a regular rhythm. Sudden disruptions, as when crossing time zones, result in our feeling out of sync until our body clock is reset. The greatest threat to our clock setting mechanism comes from free radicals. Flushing free radicals from the system enables our body clock to adjust more quickly and minimizes the experience of jet lag.


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